Secrets we’ve discovered after spending over $50M in YouTube™ Video Ads

Copy the exact strategies we use to launch, optimize, and scale YouTube™ video ads for entrepreneurs like John Crestani, Niel Malan and Scott Oldford...

Inside this letter, you’d find a foolproof, unique, and yet very simple to follow YouTube Ads Workshop that ensures success at YouTube advertising.

I have been where you are right now.

I was running YouTube ads on a whim.

Last night it was this targeting option - tonight it’s something different because some obnoxious guru of questionable integrity tossed a free tip to me in a group where everyone was fishing for new students.

Pretty soon I realized that I was done with that nonsense, I dove deeper into paid traffic, lead generation, ad optimization and scaling strategies, and I found out a few hacks that I thought would work.

I put them to test, and I tweaked. and I tested, and I tweaked until I hit what I call King Solomon’s gold mines...

A perfect YouTube ads strategy that encapsulates everything like an octopus: clients, devices they use, Google apps they use, ad optimization, scaling, and a host of sub-strategies under each of the 3 main strategies that I am going to reveal - for the first time ever - only to see you guys steal them in broad daylight.

If you’re a business owner, you can apply them to your YouTube ad campaigns, and immediately start generating laser-targeted leads and convert them to paying clients profitably.

If you want to learn how to run, optimize and scale YouTube video ads that would enable you to launch your own YouTube ads agency and scale it profitably - you can use this training to hit 5k to 10k to 25k months ... that too while hardly spending a few hours on it every day.

Are you interested? 

Keep reading and I’ll show you how you can capture high-quality leads in golden handcuffs...

They’re the reason why my business did more than $7mil this year!

“This year my business hit $7million and this is largely because of their ad optimization and scaling skills.”

- John Crestani, Founder and CEO, Pendragon Labs Marketing

Results that you’d love ...

“I just wanted to say thank you for your great guidance and wisdom you shared. I am already loving the results.”

- John Snedeker

I learned the most important secret about funnels ...

“Massive value! And I learned that one of the most important things in having a successful business is NOT having a funnel with upsells and downsells. It is way more like having a complete system in the background that picks your customer from the point where he is, and brings him to the sale.”

- Dominick Sch

Dear friend,

It does not matter whether you are a business owner or an ads agency aficionado.

This workshop was available for $1.99 for over a year (only because of our generosity). But now we’ve increased the price to $37 only because of the no-brainer value that it offers to both:

Small businesses dreaming to turn YouTube into their flag post or those who want to launch and scale a YouTube ads agency.

If you just keep reading, in a minute, you’ll see why this increase to $37 isn’t only justified, but still an absolute steal too.

My name is Qadeer Wagriya!

What you are going to discover inside this letter is - what John Crestani and Scott Oldford believe to be - the world’s best YouTube ads blueprint created ever.

The reason why it’s no longer available at $1.99 and why the price has gone up to $37 is that NOW you get to watch a step by step plan of how to implement everything.

From ad copy to tracking all the clicks and sales!

Since 2018, when I saved my friend and partner Ahmad’s marriage from being ruined (because Facebook™ was going gangster on media buyers and admen back in those days) - we’re using the same system to generate leads for ourselves and our clients - on profit and scale.

Famous South African internet marketer and 2-comma club’s member Niel Malan brags about how my ad optimization and scaling strategies brought his Cost Per Lead from $10 on Facebook™ to as low as $1 on YouTube™.

All I did was implement this same system that you can also learn.

And I never stopped - we generated $1.5m+ funnels from scratch for course-creators, consultants and entrepreneurs just like yourself.

Do you want to know how this unique and unparalleled, and yet simple-to-follow system helped us create $2mil+ funnels?

Well, it’s a very simple method.

If you’re also sick and tired of YouTube™ ads courses that are mostly fluff and based on the kind of tutorials that you’d easily find on YouTube™, this workshop is for you.

And it was by sheer luck that I stumbled upon a few YouTube™ advertising strategies...

Some magical strategies that occurred to me after constant testing and “sniffing” around some premium advertising groups.

I found the mechanism so complete, so simple, so effective, and yet so unique that I still thank my stars on how I found it.

Like a big blue diamond, laying there in the mud, waiting for someone to come and pick it!

The unique mechanism is the answer to all those frustrating questions that you’ve been asking yourself - to this day.

Why my ad targeting sucks?

Why does my ad copy fail to make the viewers flinch - let alone buy stuff?

How in the world my competitors attract all the right kinds of leads while I get stuck with those who don’t need my products/services at all?

And you know what:

While this mechanism works like a charm and while we have been using it to create $2mil+ funnels from scratch, it is not like anything that you’ve ever seen before.

It’s not like that $997 YouTube ads mastery course that you bought with your credit card - and you punched yourself in your face after you saw that it was nothing but - fluff and bluff.

It’s not that free YouTube video tutorial that was made with only one purpose in sight - to move the line and you along with it. Until you find yourself at the bottom of a funnel!

This workshop flies in the face of whatever you’ve learned by this date and I’m going to show you all the details in a minute.

And you’d be excited to see how simple, easy, right under the nose, BUT unique solution it is.

I saved $6 to $9 per lead only because of them ...

“Webinar leads under $1 from YouTube™ ads and I am paying $7 to $10 on Facebook™. Sales conversion and ROI is off the chart.”

- Niel Malan - Founder and CEO, Elite Inc.

The stuff they teach you is profound and “insane” ...

“I'm very confident on webinars, but the stuff this guy is doing is profound to say the least. His skills on paid traffic and in understanding Webinar Campaigns, is insane. My conversions are high, my team are solid, but the difficulties I had were in automation, and he showed me how to do it.”

- Rehman Nur

After I found that mechanism, that I’m going to show you in a few minutes, and we started applying that mechanism to our campaigns and our clients campaigns ($1mil+ ad budget/month), all heaven broke loose.

We were getting invitations to talk at different seminars.

Hafiz was interviewed by Webinar Jam...

I was endorsed by big guns in ClickFunnels Facebook groups and other groups for my ad optimization and scaling strategies.

Before I show you how this mechanism works and what makes it better than any other course in the market, you should know who this workshop is for and who isn’t …

It is for you, if …

  • You are like those business owners who are already using this simple and foolproof method to get highly-qualified leads on profit and scale. People like {Name not disclosed for privacy reasons} broke the glass ceiling with this method. They celebrated their first million dollar year following the same hacks.
  • You are like those admen, media buyers, and agency owners who needed a proven, tested, and set in stone kinda method to successfully scale their ad campaigns from $0 to $MM - just like we did.

Look this all could be me exaggerating, but numbers and students and happy clients don’t lie …

I could make up the numbers. I could even make up the textual testimonials, but what would you do about these people? They wanna brag about how our YouTube ads optimization and scaling strategies helped their business go from struggling to strapping.

So, tell me whenever you think I am exaggerating ... but bragging?

Well, what else can I say about results like these …

I mean, I gotta say this myself.

I’m pretty impressed by what both of us have achieved in a few years …

And let me admit, the biggest reason I feel so good isn’t that I love bragging … those who know me, know pretty damn well that I’m a very humble man.

The reason why I love sharing these stats is that … 

and you gotta read this a LITTLE SLOW … 

I’m a random dude from a developing country and from a very humble background, who went on to not only impress but help 6 to 7-figure entrepreneurs from the USA, UK, CA, AU, SA and 18 other countries...

I helped people turn their businesses into big fortunes. 

However, just 5 years ago, I didn’t have two proverbial nickels to rub …

I was from a big family with limited resources …

Somehow my parents managed to sponsor my education. But when they handed over their lifelong savings to me - for a useless college degree - I found myself standing at a crossroads.

I had to pick between routine and boring career, being a mid-level cog in a rusty, old, and loud machinery ...

or following my passion, launching an online business, and living the life that I deserved.

And I think it does not take more than one brain cell to guess the path that I chose.

But it wasn’t easy.

First of all, there was no one to guide me and Hafiz (who I haven’t met by then).

Secondly, the internet’s tulip mania was sort of blooming in those days and so many so-called gurus and useless courses appeared on the horizon.

I was always interested in affiliate marketing.

To me, digital nomad lifestyle, laptop living, internet business, and all such charming words meant only one thing - passive weekly income.

And passive weekly income, to me, was = affiliate marketing.

After a few failed and a few successful affiliate marketing adventures, I realized that I couldn’t control a lot in that particular model.

My ad targeting was spot on and seamless like a white swan in an opera dance, but many campaigns sucked only because either the end product was simply beyond acceptable or art wasn’t up to the mark, or the offer was poorly designed.

And that was when I decided to play in the BIG leagues. 

...I decided to become a vendor, go launch my own products and offer marketing services to entrepreneurs looking to scale their own products, programs or services … 

...people just like you and me, pal!

And in a parallel universe, Hafiz Ahmad, who had worked with me on a mutual project and who had also had a taste of how awesome it was to work together on a big project, had arrived at the same conclusion!


We. Went. Bonkers.

We launched and scaled many funnels for our clients (more on that within a few minutes).

But before we started offering DFY YouTube ad services, we took a big, YUUUUGE risk.

In collaboration with Gavin Stephenson, Ahmad’s mentor and now a good friend of ours, we launched a big campaign.

Gavin’s product + my paid traffic genius = $346,407 NET REVENUE!

They’re masters of the masters …

“What I would say overall about them is that they’re the masters of the masters. Meaning, that they’re so advanced in running ads, doing webinars and all the stuff, that they’re teaching the masters and the people that are unknown in the marketplace.
I want you to understand that these guys are extremely vast when it comes to ads, lowering your costs, making you more moolah, making you more successful. They are quick, they’re fast, they get stuff done and they’ll help you reach your goals and achieve what is it that you want.”

- Gavin Stephenson, Marketer and Founder of Neutrality Shifting

So, everything was going great.

A lot of months, man sweat, man hours and shining testimonials later, we were providing done for you marketing services. 

We had our own campaigns and our clients’ campaigns (more or less $1mil+ in ad budget per month). We were all over the place, Facebook, Google ads, and YouTube, and we couldn’t thank God enough for everything that we had.

And then that happened …

In case you were also one of those unlucky business owners and marketers who were running ads on Facebook™ back in 2018 (Or anytime for that matter when it comes to Facebook™)...

you might recall what that year was like.

And in that case, you must know what THAT means …

Zuck found a new habit and that was to toy with all of us - and our businesses - six ways from Sunday.

You wake up and find your ad has been disapproved … running like a wild rabbit that poor thing just a few days ago.

“But that’s okay, I’d get a new one. Lemme text my copywriter.” You talk to yourself.

You get a new ad and Facebook ignores that for good one week like a beautiful broad ignores a ton of FB invites every day.

Now you are worried and tired and you go to bed thinking about what went wrong. 

You call your copy guy and then a Facebook ad compliance expert. The copy was just as good as it gets.

Now you wonder as you cuddle yourself in your blanket.

You wake up and the first thing you check is neither your limbs (whether they are where you left) nor your beautiful spouse, but your cell phone.

And bam!!! You feel like a dumper full of garbage hit you in your face.

Congratulations!!! Zuck deemed fit to take a piss on …

Your years in marketing and building that ad account …

Your business …

Your leads …

Your family …

Your pride …


While you were asleep.

You wake up to a “your ad account has been permanently disabled” notification.

Feels like Hulk and the whole Avengers' team punched you in your gut...

That’s how Hafiz, my friend and now partner, was feeling back in those days.

The situation was very dire in very funny ways …

That was the same time he was getting married.

His Facebook notification tone was now a civil defense siren. He was having mini heart situations everywhere (coz he wasn’t willing to depart with his cell phone even for a second).

I knew that being his friend, partner, and paid traffic main-man, I had to do something.

His job was to bring in clients and make funnels … and God is he amazing at that, but our problem was related to the traffic platform we chose.

By then, I was doing some side-gig experimenting with YouTube ads and the results were promising.

So, on a fortune-ful day, I asked him to join me on a video call. I saw his face and he definitely wasn’t lookin’ like someone who was about to get married within a few days.

I told him that the results were fascinating so far. Still, with some more experimentation (and a little bigger ad budget), we could do a lot better on YouTube.

And I got the green signal.

With a few new strategies in my sights (my research and testing game was never that intense) and a bigger budget in my back pocket, I launched a few campaigns.

And viola!

YouTube opens doors of riches, fame, and success for us …

I rushed to Ahmad, knocking at his digital doors like a crazy scientist, dripping with eureka … a moment of eureka that is purely and solely his own … that he discovered doing nothing, but …

Losing sleep over different optimization strategies …

Asking gurus and successful advertisers in different forums …

Paying top dollar for many ad optimization and scaling courses .. only a few of whom were worth their salt.

And our clients LOVED the results even more than we did.

I felt like DANCING like a monkey in the middle of an airport ...

“So I did a lot of webinars that were live and through their support I now have a system and an optimized webinar that can go evergreen so I can start earning in my sleep which I am sure is everyone’s dream. When I saw my first sale, I felt like dancing like a monkey in the middle of an airport. So, very very excited, thank you so much guys, and I highly recommend you and your services.”

Sooner than we thought, we were moving our funnels (well most of them), from Facebook™ to YouTube™ …

But something was rotten in the state of our newly found platform …

Something was simply not clicking. We were having a weird problem. Our ads spend was going high, but the number of leads was dropping like a fainting old man.

Even worse …

The kind of leads that we were getting had me flabbergasted.

It was as though YouTube was showing Viagra’s ad to teenagers.

I realized that something was wrong with our targeting game; it had to be improved.

What turned this doubt into belief was the opinion of an esteemed, old marketer that both of us have learned a lot from.

His name starts with ‘R’.

I showed copy and art to R (in simple words, the ads that we were running), and I remember his words:

I won’t say that this is the best ad in the world or the best you can do, but I can say for sure that it’s not ad copy or video that’s failing you. Are you guys targeting the right kind of people?

So, I went down the rabbit hole again.

A few sleepless nights, a lot of paid calls, and a lot of testing later, I found the problem.

We weren’t using YouTube’s custom audiences feature to its true potential.

Half-arse research and lame targeting were the reasons why we were having that problem.

I fixed that and viola … everything started to work like a charm. 

And since 2018 we’ve been rocking the world of YouTube advertising with highly-targeted campaigns: for our clients and our own products.

And when it comes to results, you’d compare their precision, their laser-targeted accuracy, and their effectiveness to a surgeon’s scalpel.

You must be thinking about whether you can trust all this or not …

Well, I think that nothing can prove the power and efficacy of this workshop better than showing you what’s inside it.

We take pride in all the raving testimonials that we keep getting from our clients. But, in a few minutes, I’m going to show you the most significant proof of our success:

our process!!!

Aka, “How the hell you guys pull this off?”

Well, we fight the war of attention at two main fronts (excluding funnel creation because this workshop is all about generating highly qualified leads and clients with YouTube ads) …

The first front is that of creatives … copy + art = the magic that grabs people by their proverbial balls and makes em buy your stuff.

We have the perfect, proven, and tested ad copy template that only rarely failed if it ever failed. Which I cannot recall except maybe one or two occasions.

And on top of that, we have access to a YUGE range of creatives (images and videos) for ads that otherwise would cost someone a fortune.

But …

This magic (copy + art) can only work if you show your message to the right people, at the right time, on the right platforms, while they’re using the right kind of devices.


Let me explain.

Ever wondered why at the other side of your ad targeting you always end up with someone who doesn’t REALLY need your products or services?

Imagine being a comb-seller … going door to door, trying to sell a comb or two … except every time a door opens, out pops someone bald as lunar surface.

This is what aimless advertising on the internet does to people.

To beat the hydra of aimless advertising, we fight on many sub-fronts …

We make sure that your message is shown to the kind of custom audiences and the crucial ones you cannot NOT target while running YouTube ads.

Then we use the Google touchpoint strategy to meet our target customers where they are. Wherever they are.

Let’s talk about devices.

More than 60% of people Google before buying anything. They Google most of the time on their cell phones.

We make sure that our ads catch our target customers’ eyeballs on each device they use - from their computers to their tabs to their cell phones.

But this is not it.

We also make sure that we make you omnipresent.

From Google search to Gmail to YouTube - we turn your product into a Casper that keeps tracking them, tracing them, and following them “until they buy or die”.

Once we make sure that automation is in place and the optimization is right on the button, we have to then set up conversion tags to make sure that Google’s AI will automatically record every important event… y’know … clicks, leads, and sales, etc.

Love your concept of milestones and step by step process ...

“Love your concept of milestones and moving prospects through a process that takes them to the next step only after they have completed or digested the current step. thinking about how to implement that in my niche which is quilting.” - Tim Stenros

Do you know why this solution that I found works?

It is simple.

By sheer luck and a little effort, we stumbled upon the aqua de vida - the fountain of life - of YouTube advertising.

Secret liest in seamless targeting.

And I’m not asking you to take my word for it … how about Brandon Baur?

He’s the founding member of the YouTube Guru Program with many seminars and trainings under his belt.

And he also believes that keeping “tabs on the right metrics to determine success,” and failure of a campaign is all where people win or lose the game.

I think by now, it should be very clear that winning ad game against your competitors, almost solely relies on how good your targeting and tracking game is …

But do you know why this ‘3-Step YouTube Video Ads Workshop’ is the FASTEST way to cram the best YouTube ad strategies that lead to more leads, more clients, and more business?

It is because we have not left a single stone unturned.

Just like our targeting encompasses our target customers like a 16-legged octopus …

We decided to create a workshop that would encapsulate EACH AND EVERY ASPECT OF SUCCESS IN YOUTUBE ADVERTISING.

Introducing - “YouTube Video Ads Workshop” - the quickest and surest way to obliterate your competitors on YouTube

Quite a jump between 0.09 and 0.24 EPC ...

“This is great, thank you for sharing! Quite a jump between 0.09 and 0.24 EPC (earnings per click) and that can make or break the funnel! Helps me also realize that it is all in testing and not waiting to perfect things before taking to market and start throwing traffic at things.” - Sennikov

So, what makes this workshop a 3-step whirlpool of a sheer fluke that you create INTENTIONALLY?

Well, here are the 3 steps - and in each step, there are sub-steps that take you deeper into a particular strategy and show you how to implement micro-decisions that make the difference.

This workshop has been designed to …

  • Take you through each and every important step of the mechanism that we’ve been using to beat our competitors and our customers’ competitors.
  • Walk you through different examples of successful sales funnels that we made for our clients - including a $1.5m+ funnel.
  • Showing you in real-time how different kinds of funnels can be set, how audiences can be created and tags can be customized.

Here’s all you need to know about YouTube Ads Workshop … our core offer, that you’d buy today, IF you wanna unsuck your YouTube ads game.

Module #1 - Leverage Google Tag Manager

You can do a great job at ad copy and creatives. You can set your audiences seamlessly and create campaigns flawlessly, but your campaign would suck like a wee suckling if you didn’t get the tags right.

My partner Hafiz Ahmad takes you through different Google Tag Manager features and shows you how to set up different tags that actually show you how your campaign is working.

The Whole Purpose of this Module is to ENABLE You to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Don’t you wanna be able to sell more with less time spent, save your ad spend while you track each and every event happening there, and beat your competitors because their ad game won’t be as laser-target as yours?

You can achieve all this IF you buy this training.

And the first module will not only show how the tag manager works, but you’d see my partner setting those tags LIVE.

  • Get total control of the number game and take leverage of detailed data insights...
  • See each and every event from the number of people watching the ad to those who book a call...
  • Know what sells and what doesn’t...
  • Gauge the strength of your sales copy...
  • Learn how to have a conversion-focused approach that is informed by data...

Module #2 - Make Bull’s Eye Audiences with the help of Google Analytics

Do you want to make sure that each and every penny and each and every second that you’ve got is spent on the exact kind of people who make your perfect target audience?

This is the only way to beat your competitors who target every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

In this module, Ahmad will show you how we can target the exact ideal customers that every businessman dreams of, and looking for your services or products.

This module is also a LIVE see-it-over-my-shoulders kinda training … we hate fluff just as much as you do.

The purpose of this module is to 10x your targeting game, help you REACH ideal customers, and keep your time, ad spend, and efforts from being wasted on tire-kickers.

  • Learn how to set custom audiences...
  • Discover the crucial audiences that you MUST set before launching your campaign...
  • Learn the exact same audience naming conventions that 7-figure marketers use and that saves a lot of time and ad budget and hassle...
  • Learn how to target the specific type of people in specific areas with specific behaviors or keyword searches...

Bonus #1 - Sequence Campaign

Something that we never offered with this module - will do now - but with no extra costs to you...

At the end of this module, you’d find yourself baffled by the amount of sheer knowledge, insight, and Google audiences wisdom that you’d have.

In order to enable you to apply that knowledge practically, I’d walk you through different steps and processes of setting up a sequence campaign.

After watching the training, and the hands-on little training on sequence campaign, not only you’d have many big ideas to implement, but you’d also be very well aware of how to do everything.

Module #3 - Optimize and Scale Your Campaigns like a Pro

Don’t you want to be able to learn when to stop scaling (to avoid losses in terms of time, ad budget, and efforts) and when to scale like a pro thru-hiker on the Appalachian trail?

You’d giggle when you’d see that your competitors are scaling when it’s the time to hold and holding back on their ad game when it’s time to scale.

Have the pure happiness of seeing your competitors losing the game as you win.

This module aims to teach you when to SCALE your campaigns and when to stop to avoid high CPA. The end game is to minimize the CPL while we MAXIMIZE the profitability.

Bonus #2 - A Sneak Peek into a $1.5M+ Funnel

Something that we never offered with this module - will do now - but with no extra costs to you...

At the end of this module, many of our students wondered what they could do and achieve if they applied the tactics learned in this module.

To show them the maximum they could do with implementing what they learn in this module, we decided to offer a bonus.

We made from scratch this funnel for a female coach and we scaled it to $1.5M+ in net revenue within a matter of a few months.

We achieved that by applying the same strategies, you’d learn in Module #1, Module #2, and Module #3.

This bonus would show my friend Ahmad revealing the inside of that funnel - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER

Bonus #3 - Learn the Art and Science of Omnipresence Targeting

Something that we never offered with this module - will do now - but with no extra costs to you...

I know …

There are books on this topic - read them if you want to but do know that books are more what and why and less how. Books are written to lure you into a funnel at the end of which you have to buy a course.

And this is what I was going to address next - why buy a $997 course on omnipresence marketing if you can learn the same without paying a single dime?

(When you start giving value right off the bat and when you fluff, one highly-precise and highly-targeted video can do a lot).

My friend and partner Hafiz Ahmad will show you how to achieve omnipresence.

Also, how to practically execute omnipresence advertising across all properties of Google: Google Display Network, Google Search Network, Gmail, and YouTube!

Important Note. In order to gather all the interlinked modules and bonuses so far, we’ve made these different topics into one big video tutorial (YouTube Ads Blueprint). The tutorial includes Google Analytics secrets, Google Tag Manager secrets, our exclusive secrets to optimization and scaling, bonus 1, bonus 2, and bonus 3.

Bonus #4 - Campaign Planner

Something that we never offered with this module - will do now - but with no extra costs to you...

What if you knew everything technical - from Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager to Google Ads - but you haven’t figured out the real battle plan?

Without geeking out campaign planning details - how you target different audiences and how you let the campaign treat them at different levels of denials or acceptance, you’d definitely lose the war to your competitors.

This is what we’ve got covered inside 3 different modules of our 4th Bonus training.

(Unlike bonuses #1, #2 and #3, this one was so big that my friend and partner Hafiz Ahmad had to do 3 separate 15min+ training sessions on this important topic.)

Here are a few things that you’re going to learn in this special bonus training:

  • Learn how to create a segmented audience so you can approach it and organize it in a systematic way...
  • Learn how to set tracking for a campaign in Google Ads manager and see how many different events and actions you can track with help of that...
  • Learn how you can keep the leads from leaking out of your funnel...
  • Learn what a secret Google ID is and how it helps AI find the exact kind of buyers you need...
  • Learn how to track leads making different decisions at different levels of your funnel and then leverage that knowledge before you lose such a lead...
  • In Module #2 you learn about the MUST HAVE audiences; in case that is not enough, you can watch this training and learn everything about them...
  • Learn how to divide the audience based on cold, warm, and hot leads...
  • Learn how to divide them based on different funnel events and stages...
  • Learn how to organize content and creatives based on your leads’ behavior...

At the end of the day, the purpose of all campaign planning and Google sheeting is to save time and hassle picking the right kind of audience …

to make ad funnel optimization decisions based on $MM practices that we have learned from our mentors …

and to have a laser-guided tracking approach that your competitors cannot beat.

Bonus #5 - Million Dollar YouTube Video Ads Script

Something that we never offered with this module - will do now - but with no extra costs to you...

This is the exact same script that we used to create millions of dollars in net revenue for our clients and our own campaigns.

If you want your ad game to be better than your competitors, you’re gonna have to have a killer command on ad copy and creatives. 

This bonus helps you nail that aspect. You’d be given our proven and tested ad template (downloadable), along with a short training on how to use that template and how to write copy using it.

  • Download our ad template, make some basic changes as per your product and market, and boom - you’ve already got SOME advantage over your competitors. Whose copy is basically crap!
  • Use the insights in training to learn how ad copy works, why time is so crucial when it comes to YouTube video ads, and how to write copy even if you do not have this template.

The beauty of a time-tested and proven template is that with minor tweaking, you can use that for any niche or product and bring kessef home - lots and lots of it.

It’s the ultimate recipe for the quickest success in YouTube advertising. 

I’m talking about the most incredible, groundbreaking results that you ever saw.

Bonus #6 - Launch Your First YouTube Ad Campaign

Something that we never offered with this module - will do now - but with no extra costs to you...

So, what is this bonus really?

This bonus includes two different training sessions.

You get access to two over-the-shoulder training sessions where I, Qadeer, show you how to launch and optimize two different types of ad campaigns.

Like everything else in this training, there is no fluff, no bluff - nothing, but screen recordings of roughly 20 minutes each for each of the two sessions.

I show you how to go from a blank page on Google Ads manager to a campaign that is filtered, optimized, primed, and simply ready to be launched.

The bonus includes …

  • Sequence Campaign (with hidden targeting options). Always wished to launch a barrage of videos at your leads making sure that if they didn’t buy your stuff before, they buy it now? This is what a sequence campaign is. I teach you how to launch it and optimize it for maximum conversions.
  • Placement Campaign (for laser targeted traffic). This is the kind of campaign that you need for cold traffic. This campaign enables you to place your video ads on the exact types of videos that rank for the top keywords your target market uses. It’s like being able to show up when and where your target customer asks for what you sell.

The biggest benefit of watching and learning while yours truly makes and optimizes campaigns is that you become more aware, smarter, and wiser than your competitors.

While they’d be yelling at their funnel guy, at the top of their lungs, losing nerves over a campaign that is worse than a tangled ball of wool …

You’d be launching and optimizing your campaigns like a real pro advertiser.

It’s only module 3 and I’m already amazed at what I’ve done so far ...

“Hey guys just like to say that I'm really impressed with what I've learned so far, it's amazing, and 11m only on module 3. Amazed at what I’ve done so far from the program. Wow, YouTube has so many avenues and to think I wasted my time watching music videos. So excited about how the program
will boost my new business, once I get through the modules of course..” - Stephen Herewini

I’d give your program a 10/10 …

“I’d definitely give your program a 10/10 because you guys are MOST helpful when it comes to questions.” - Julei Fortin

How much do you think should be the price for the complete obliteration of your competitors?

I mean think about it …

You follow this training and bonuses; your art, copy, and optimization game gets unparalleled. You do all that following the simple and easy processes in this training and then go to bed

You wake up the next day and sales guys tell you that it was already getting impossible for them to handle all the sales calls?

The tech guy tells you that the site has crashed three times since morning, the form is not loading anymore and you’d have to buy a lot of extra server space …

Would you rather buy this training and enjoy all this …

Or you’d stick to the poor man syndrome …

“Damn! I’m losing the YouTube ads game to my competitors! Being swollen alive!”

“I have to learn the basics of YouTube advertising to beat my competitors without spending anything at all.”

“I can either learn that from some mentor and pay north of $2000 to learn everything, or buy this incredibly low new year offer and learn from these two experienced marketers.”

“But I don’t want to spend on all this; I’d rather take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese. I can learn everything worth knowing from blog posts, YouTube tutorials and forums. I’d do this all on my own.”

I know this vicious cycle, coz I’ve been on it just like an unfortunate hamster, but no more …

Here’s your chance to do exactly what Hafiz and I did to go from cashless to limitless.

Yes! I want to Take My Business from Nope to Hope with YouTube Video Ads Workshop!

Gimme Immediate Access! Right Now!

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Your Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you invest in the workshop today, you’ll have full access to the entire training so you can learn and implement our secret strategies of generating high quality traffic, leads and sales from YouTube video ads.

And If you aren't completely satisfied with the workshop... Just email us and we’ll refund you immediately!

In case you’re wondering why the price of such a life-changing workshop is this low, here’s the reason why …

As a matter of fact, we’re not reducing the price; we’re only increasing it.

By the end of 2020, we offered a part of this workshop (minus all new modules and bonuses) at a very small price of $1.99.

Like every smart marketer, we wanted our audience to have a taste of this awesomeness in its mouth.

Once we noticed that demand was going pretty high, we decided that for 2021, we will add a few highly sought after modules and bonuses, and then we will boost the price from $1.99 to $37.

We will test this price point for a couple of months...

After that, this workshop will be worth $500+.

In which case …

You do not need more than two brain cells to realize that you must buy this workshop right now.


Let me show you again.

It was previously just one training (no other modules and no bonuses) and the price was $1.99 …

We added a lot of modules and bonuses (things that people like you were desperately asking us to teach them) … and we decided to test a price point of $37.

This is where you are.

And soon - it’d be anywhere around $500+. We will not add any new bonuses or modules to the training as it is already a perfect combo of everything you need for absolute YouTube obliteration of your competitors.

This means that if you spent $1.99 to buy the first training, you just did fine.

If you spend $37 to buy the same training + new modules + many bonuses, you’d get something that others would pay $500 for.

Now you must have realized that you are at the best point to make a small investment like this and reap YUGE benefits.

Or, you can always wait for the day when the price will be $500 minimum. And pay an extra $463 for the same workshop that we’re now offering for $37 only.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

But to make it even more a no-brainer, let me line up everything that you will get IF you buy today.

Main training - YouTube Ads Workshop

  • Module #1: Leverage Google Tag Manager
  • Module #2: Make Bull’s Eye Audiences with the help of Google Analytics
  • Bonus #1: Sequence Campaign Initial Know-How
  • Module #3: Optimize and Scale Your Campaigns like a Pro
  • Bonus #2: A Sneak Peek into a $1.5M+ Funnel
  • Bonus #3: Learn the Art and Science of Omnipresence Targeting
  • Bonus #4: Campaign Planner
  • Bonus #5: Million YouTube Video Ads Script
  • Bonus #6: Launch Your First YouTube Ad Campaign

This simply means, that if you want a second chance (and the last one), at going inside the YouTube arena ...

challenging your competitors at ad game ...

and beating them like the Gladiator you’d be after watching all these videos …

you’d go ahead and say “Hell, yeah!” to this opportunity that is not going to last forever (as far as the price is concerned).

Yes! I want to Take My Business from Nope to Hope with YouTube Video Ads Workshop!

Gimme Immediate Access! Right Now!

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Your Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you invest in the workshop today, you’ll have full access to the entire training so you can learn and implement our secret strategies of generating high quality traffic, leads and sales from YouTube video ads.

And If you aren't completely satisfied with the workshop... Just email us and we’ll refund you immediately!

Now, this letter is coming to its end and the choice is totally yours …

In case you want some assurance, do know that we cannot offer you any refunds …

You will get access to pure man sweat that Hafiz and I put in these training sessions …

Pure man-hours that we cannot steal back even if we want to (hence no refunds) …

And roughly a decade of advertising experience, courses we bought, mentors whose courses and coaching we paid for, and clients we served …

You’ve read the testimonials of the industry leaders. You’ve read the testimonials of our students. You know all the details; this is what perfectionism looks like.

We’ve got you covered on copy and creatives’ front …

We’ve got you covered on optimization and scaling front …

We’ve got you covered on campaign planning’s front …

We’ve got you covered on tracking’s front …

The battle is being handed over to you on a silver platter and you’d be a fool to NOT get your hands on this training.

THIS is the key to complete and absolute victory in YouTube advertising.

The key to complete and absolute annihilation of your competitors!

What we’re giving you, whether you wanna run ads for your business or your clients’ businesses, is peace of mind.

A piece of our mind …

That you can always resort to, learn from, and implement whenever you have to launch a YouTube ads campaign …

With rip-roaring and death-defying confidence ...

So, would you be a fool to say no to all this, or you’d take the leap of faith and say Yes?

Yes! I want to Take My Business from Nope to Hope with YouTube Video Ads Workshop!

Gimme Immediate Access! Right Now!

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Your Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you invest in the workshop today, you’ll have full access to the entire training so you can learn and implement our secret strategies of generating high quality traffic, leads and sales from YouTube video ads.

And If you aren't completely satisfied with the workshop... Just email us and we’ll refund you immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can benefit from this workshop?

Anyone interested in Google/YouTube advertising or advertising, in general, can benefit from these trainings. For example, students can find them very helpful.

But specifically, these trainings are for two types of people:

  1. 1
    Those who run their own business, wear many hats, and want to learn how to use YouTube advertising to beat their competitors and reach out to their ideal customers!
  2. 2
    Those who run their own agencies or freelances, and who want to be able to run their clients’ campaigns on YouTube without wasting time, ad budget, and energy! A classic example is someone who is a savvy Facebook advertiser, but who wants to learn Google/YouTube advertising from experts in this niche.

2. Can I implement the same strategies on Facebook advertising?

Facebook is disruption marketing, while Google/YouTube advertising is done solely on the basis of target customers’ interests. Then there is a difference of mechanics too.

But, some modules and bonuses show you how to go about the whole ad thing in general. For example, our exclusive ad swipe library (you can add that to your order at $17 extra only), and our ad template can be used (with some tweaks) on Facebook too.

3. What’s included in the package if I buy today?

Here’s the list of trainings, modules, and bonuses that you get IF you buy today.

Main training - YouTube Ads Workshop

  • Module #1: Leverage Google Tag Manager
  • Module #2: Make Bull’s Eye Audiences with the help of Google Analytics
  • Bonus #1: Sequence Campaign Initial Know-How
  • Module #3: Optimize and Scale Your Campaigns like a Pro
  • Bonus #2: A Sneak Peek into a $1.5M+ Funnel
  • Bonus #3: Learn the Art and Science of Omnipresence Targeting
  • Bonus #4: Campaign Planner
  • Bonus #5: Million YouTube Video Ads Script
  • Bonus #6: Launch Your First YouTube Ad Campaign

4. Is this a limited-time offer?

We don’t believe in false scarcity. This offer was only $1.99 a few days ago and today it is $37. Make no mistake that this product will ALWAYS be available for YouTube advertising aficionados, but the price will not remain the same.

So, yes! This is a limited-time offer. We would keep increasing the price just like we did recently. We will HAVE to do this to keep a balance between value (what you'd pay) and value (our advertising genius + experience).

5. What if I have questions about any of the modules or bonuses?

You can always contact Ahmad and me at these email addresses:
ahmad (at)
qadeer (at)

Yes! I want to Take My Business from Nope to Hope with YouTube Video Ads Workshop!

Gimme Immediate Access! Right Now!

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Your Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you invest in the workshop today, you’ll have full access to the entire training so you can learn and implement our secret strategies of generating high quality traffic, leads and sales from YouTube video ads.

And If you aren't completely satisfied with the workshop... Just email us and we’ll refund you immediately!

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